I am so tired of the MTA! I get out the house thinking i have time. Yeah right...i think not. Right now i am on the bus lokoin like an idiot texting to you people. As if I don't already look like a dork on a hot day. I think I took some silly pills. Or maybe I should get some more sleep. With my luck this phone will send this as like 5 messages...

That was sent from my phone..oh wait...no..the fist ten words were sent from my phone...I go about 4 messages saying they could not send my message to "n" and "get"!

Who the hell are "n" and "get"?

SO I got to work and I am now typing this out...what is the point to being able to send a damn blog through the phone if I can only send two lines...I guess that will be designated for news I just have to tell you right this second..lol