Making The Band

Why the hell did I call thismaking the band..?
I honestly don't know, for some reason this was just what popped into my head...
I don't think I have much of a musical sence in the manner that I can sing and what not. I did used to play the upright bass and the electric bas in highschool, but that was like *blank* years ago, so I don't think that counts...!

I recently found an album I was looking for. I had been searching for this thing for like 5 was it really that long. Turns out, I could not rmember the how the song went, who the artist was, or even what the name of the album was. I approached the store owner with this...(I actually couldn't remember the name of the store either!! But yes I did find it...) I told him about my delima and he looked at me awfully strange...I don't blame him I would too...

So anyways, I told him what I could..ambient style with lote of bass in it. No vocals...then I said the magic words.."I think it was done by two german guys..."
"Oh you mean Kruder and Dorfmeister?"...YES!!!! I couldn't believe it. Here I was having this unknown unremembered unsung songs with the word bedroom in the title stuck in my mind and he BLAM! say it..!

So I beg them to hold it till I can come back and get and...and you know what they did...

So I will be giving them a hefty shout out and recognition !! Thank you Bleeker Bob!!

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