On time!

The view of my way to work!.. Sitting in the back by the hot engine while the rest of the bus is cool. Oh well. Thats what happens when you are on time!

I sent this one out at like 9:30 this morning or something and look at that...! I had to send it like two more times before it got through! I guess I can't complain since technically my phone should be shut off by now..lol Okay I won't laugh when I see that bill..and I definetly won't be laughing when I see my paycheck...!!!

But anyway..the ride to work gives me some time to think..

What do I have to do today?
I have to pay which bills? and which ones come out of my account automatically..?
Is there money in my account now?
What's for dinner...?
Damn I gotta cook something...but what?
Am I gonna come home to a hot apartment?...oh wait no...I got an AC..yeah!!

Then I shake my head and I put on my pimp..he always makes me feel better...I crank up the volume and get lost in the music :-)