He's Watching...

Well if I can find someone, I bet it wouldn't be hard for Big Brother...geez!!!

So someone scammed me for my Wii purchase and won't get back to me with information.


I looked up their e-mail online and found out that they are registered with a lot of gaming sites, buying consoles and such I suppose.  I also found out that they are on a school committee...and this committee lists their name and contact number, but no area code...


I went back to the address bar and went to the source website...turns out it's a school, and the school number has the area code.


I added those together and left a short message with my request to talk about my eBay purchase and my number..,
Why leave my number?
Well upon more research, it turns out this person also has their address attached to the phone number (it is apparently their home phone) and when one searches a number in Google...if you are listed...BOOM.  There is your address...

The scariest part is that I can Street view it and see EXACTLY where this person lives...down to the flowered front lawn walkway and the picket white fence...whoa!!!

So leaving my number wasn't so big a deal considering I live in an apartment...and they live in a house on the corner...LMAO