I could make waves if I hit the stage
Managing stanzas and words on the page
Sending out promotions in a digital age
Then sitting back chillin hard like lemonade

My label could make quite a few hits
Unknown artists knowing they don't have to quit
Giving them a place they know they will fit
Collaborating hottness I have to admitt

Gold headphones to show we be that hot
Can't get the music out ya head, u can like it or not
But you know you'll buy it when it drops
Take it back to vinyl to hear the record pops

Billboards in not where I gotta be
The name on all those lips don't have to be me
The sky is the limit, but I aim higher see?
All I need is my people to make me believe

Though I ain't selling CD's on the internet
Though I ain't in the movies and tv shows yet
Though I can count on my hand the celebrities I've met
I know my time will come on that you can bet

I'ma still be myself, conserved and refined
Writing what I think in a dope as heck rhyme
Trying not to swear so my kids can hear this time
Wont let the fame change my actions, words, or my mind