Do You Really Know Me?

Highest score gets....

1) My favorite flavor of ice cream is ________.
a) Vanilla
b) Chocolate
c) Butter Pecan
d) Coffee

2) What is my middle name?
a) Elizabeth
b) Kimberly
c) Tanya
d) Chelsea
e) Camile

3) What am I MOST scared of?
a) Clowns
b) Small Holes
c) Heights
d) Tight Places

4) What would I dress a for Halloween?
a) A Princess
b) A Naughty Nurse
c) A Witch
d) A Zombie

5) At a party, what would I definitely be doing?
a) Dancing
b) Singing
c) Sitting and Eating
d) Serving Food

6) Who would I most like to meet?
a) Liam Neeson
b) Billy Joel
c) Samuel L Jackson
d) Sponge Bob Squarepants
e) Bruce Willis

7) What did I want to be when I was younger?
a) An Artist
b) A Writer
c) An Architect
d) A Rapper
e) A Movie Star

8) If I had to eat the same kind of food for a month, what type would it be?
a) French Fries
b) Cheese Cake
c) Spagetti
d) Pizza
e) Cereal

9) What system do I own?
a) PSP
b) XBox 360
c) Sega Genesis
d) I don't own one

10) If I had to choose between my iPhone and G1...which would it be?
a) G1
b) iPhone

11) I am most happiest when ________?
a) I am sleeping
b) I am eating
c) I am with my kids
d) I am helping people

12) What artist's song would I choose to sing at a karaoke bar?
a) Prince
b) Bon Jovi
c) Jay Z
d) Ah-Ha
e) Bryan Adams

13) What is my favorite type of music?
a) Country
b) Rap
c) Rock
d) 80's
e) 90's

14)Do I recycle?
a) Yes
b) No
c) When I can

15) What is my favorite color?
a) Blue
b) Purple
c) Red
d) Brown
e) Hot Pink

16) What is my daughter's LAST name?
a) Lyric
b) Rhythm
c) Mellow
d) Manifest
e) Allah

17) If I had to choose between my sneakers and my hooded sweatshirts.....
a) Hooded Sweatshirt
b) Sneakers
c) I don't like either
d) choice???? what choice???

18) What is my favorite clothing on a guy?
a) Socks
b) Boxers Briefs
c) T-Shirt
d) Clothes?? What Clothes???!

19) What are leg warmers for?
a) To warm you legs...
b) To warm your arms..
c) To Warm your feet..
d) I don't wear them...

20) Have I ever been bald?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Low cut, but not bald
d) Why would I do that????!

21) What would I say...instead of cursing?
a) Mookies!
b) Oh Crap!
c) Aw tartar sauce!!
d) Monkie Lover!