A Good Read...

So remember me saying I need to read my mom's book? I took the time out today to sit my butt down.....not to say I wasn't distracted by shiny things at the same time...mostly flying footballs LMAO, but I sat down and read it. Not to mention, I read it in front of my mom (still have to have mommy sit down in front of me and watch me to make sure I do something..remember those days...)

I will have to give it a 9..I didn't give it a 10 cuz I'm saving that for the book!!! LOL
The parts she showed me are excerpts from what will in time be her finished work...

Let me tell you..it is interesting and full of drama..but not bad drama..and it might be a bit controversial...depending on if your normal reading is the Bible..LOL

I liked it a lot...but she is olny putting up the two excerpts and thats it for now..... I won't deem that an Epic Fail...just Fail...cuz I wanna read the whole thing...LMAO!!

Here is a link! http://nibiru60.webs.com