That Feeling?

"He's an asshole," says Brain.
"But didn't you read it? How could someone write something like this and not mean it." says Heart.
"Actions speak louder than words, and even louder than the ones written on that paper." retorts Brain.
"But...but...WHY?!!" shouts Heart angrily.

"You will never know why...I will never know why. In fact, I don't want to know why. I just know what he did and has done to you. What he has done to those you love. Don't let those empty words on paper fool you. You feel it because you don't understand. You feel it because you want things to be normal. You feel it because you used to feel a certain way and now it has been stripped from you. All that you thought was real has been torn from you in an instant and your world WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. It's okay..that's why I am help you get through this..." explains Brain in a tender voice.
"Thank you...sometimes I get carried away on this roller-coaster..." says Heart.

Heart wipes away a tear.
Brain nods and continues contemplating the theory of time travel.

I am not confused..or maybe I am...

I read a letter he wrote me right before we got back together...before all this happened. It was a beautiful note about how I am the one for him, and how he has waited for two year for us to be together again...and how I am what makes him who he is...blah blah blah...

Something in me how a worm squirms under a rock when you disturb it on a hot day...slinky and slimy..

I read it twice.

Then I realized that the slimy feeling was what my heart wanted to feel. How my heart wanted to believe all of what was written, and my brain settling heavy like a boulder...