Second Chance - First Impression

image from IMDb
After watching Second Chance, I was left with a feeling of rushed storytelling.

The brother and sister (Otto and Mary) development was not as thorough as it really could have been even for the time constraint.  I would have liked to see more a connection other than the "twin language."  The main character (Ray) and his son's (Duval) relationship also felt rushed.  I understand what the connection should be or better yet what it is not, but all in all I do not have a very strong connection to anyone.  I want to say this is to be expected from a first episode, but I recall watching Heroes (not Reborn) and remember that one of the reasons I was so captured because we were able to quickly get a feel for who was who and what kind of person they were.

I want to feel bad for the dying sister and the reclusive yet highly intelligent brother, but there is such an emotional disconnect between the audience and them...that even translating the "twin language" didn't really bring us in.

Our dead yet brought back with super enhanced abilities main character is actually a pretty good actor in this.  Everyone else seems to be kind of cardboard-ish in terms of development and emotions...well maybe the grand-daughter(Gracie) and the aunt (Alexa) are exceptions, but they didn't have very much screen time.  I will say this though, the small amount of time they spent on screen actually gave more realism and feel to the show then the other more prevalent characters...just saying.

Back to the show.

As the show progressed and I hung in there, I began to get more and more into the story since they stopped trying to give us a connection (it was like waiting for the good part to happen) and started into the meat of the matter...unfortunately even that was...rushed.  I felt like the case should have been a little more drawn out...well no...more fleshed out.

I am assuming all this rushing is so that we can start to get into the mystery that is:
Will the son start to put it together?
Will the sister and brother team break up due to her death?
Will the brother become jealous of our hunky main character?
How about the grand daughter? Since we know kids are awesome at deducing things like reincarnated grandparents and parents...though technically he isn't reincarnated...more like reanimated and reconstructed in a genetic Frankenstein like but not really way.
Will he ever not make it back after 12 hours?
If LookingGlass has all this technology and is integrated into ...EVERYTHING...will it eventually make the show a little boring later?

Okay so that's maybe not a mystery..but I do wonder.

I plan on giving this show a few more episodes before I decide if it is doing to be a regular show on my list along with Gotham, The Walking Dead, Z-Nation (I have actually fallen off), Empire, The Master Chef Series, Doctor Who and Fear of the Walking Dead...not to mention the few shows I watch in syndication such as Modern Family and Big Bang Theory...

Later Watchers!