Oh My Purl!

My journey in knitting had been pretty fun so far. I have knitted one scarf,  though not so neatly. I am working on a couple more scarfs and joined a cool site called Ravelry!

I wanted to talk a little but about what I have learned watching YouTube. When I first started knitting,  I basically watched a couple videos and found the one that made sense to me. At some point I will see if I can back track and find the link. I was able to get the knit stitch down and great a garter.. learned some terminology too! Anyways,  I was able to get that kind of under my belt and thought that I would try the purl stitch!

That was a very interesting stitch to try to grasp. One thing is that when watching the 2 videos I did see,  they explained the purl and how to do it,  but.. either I missed it or it wasn't there. The think about the purl is that you knit one side and purl the other. That part wasn't explained very well,  so here I am purling away thinking I have it all down pat.


Turns out if you only purl,  you will just get a garter stitch. So I was really just doing a knit... backwards... LOL!

Then I stumbles on a site (it might have been Instructables) and this had pictures of what I should be doing. That was nicez though I did prefer the video.

So why am I telling you about this? Well, this site had the science behind the knit and purl. The woman basically explained that the knit purl combo (knit and row,  purl a row) is what keeps the knit on one side and the purl on the other. Made perfect sense.

No more backwards garter!

I stopped doing the purl stitch.

It took to long so I went back to making my garter scarfs... Heheheh.

We live and learn.