Internet of Things

I have been working pretty hard to teach myself things I wish they offered when I was in school...but it's not because they didn't want to offer these skills. It's because this technology didn't exist! Not outside of military applications if it did.

Last night/this morning I was able to do something I would never have dreamed of as a child. Actually, it was something that would only be a dream, not something I thought could be done... Only in movies.

My goal was a dual part goal. A need to learn two things at the same time.

1) Program a wifi enabled controller to accept a command given to it from a Web page.
2) Create an app that performed the same function as the website.

The reason I had to learn two things at the same time is because I remixed the demo script given for the controller to add a new option. This required that I understand how to write that. Then I had to figure out how to get the app to send the information to the proper device,  in the proper format.

After much trying and checking,  I had to settle on a basic version of what I was trying to accomplish. I have not given up though... but I was up pretty long so I wrapped it up iallat a point where I felt comfortable and successful.

Teaching myself these things gives me a sense of accomplishment,  but takes a long time. There is so much trial and error and taking things are they are without truly understanding...until you finally do...

But as of now,  I have an app that will turn on my son's night light or off,  so I don't have to turn it off manually possibly disturbing him! All from my phone in my room... (the part I am working on is continually blinking... Just for fun)