Well thanks to tmobiles Family Allowance plan add on, I now feel more
comfortable about getting my son his first cell phone! 1st off, with
me already having a family plan, he is only $10 extra... And an
additional 5 for the family allowance thing. So instead of paying $30
and then some for a pay as you go tye phone, I am only paying $15. His
phone only cost $10 which is billled to the phone bill (gives me time
to pay it).

The most important part is that I have blocked ALL calling. There is a
set list of people he can call and can call him. Now there won't b any
"accidental" dials to unknown folk. And I don't have to worry about
him giving out his number and folks calling him! Yay! For 5 extra
bucks...I think i'm good with that!!