Listening to the bass player play Billie Holiday. I walk and I walk to the train station. Its pretty peaceful. I wonder what the people do around here for fun. There's a lady with a baby and a dog. There's a dog park.. There's a bus that passes by. There are bike riders that pass by. The shops are pretty cool and the people are pretty mellow.

I can see how people might think I'm from this neighborhood. Kind of funky but low key. I wouldn't mind living down here. A little expensive. But I can dig it.

Looking at the murals. Looking at the people. Looking at the bikes that are painted. Looking at the bikes that are painted like art. Looking at the bikes that are painted by artists in the neighborhood but I can digg.

I'm going to take my time. I'm going to take in the sights. I'm going to let the wind blow.



/* Second Half of SLIDER CODE ------------------------------------------------------------------------*/