Busy Little Bee

I am very busy...

Sometimes it doesn't seem that way and then I look back and say...damn I really need to relax! I am going full blast so much that it feels like normal.  Until I actually sit back and breath.

Lately I have been changing the way I eat and also my activity level.  I am doing pretty well. Three pounds!  With the Working Out and dieting, I am, for the first time in my life, working out to lose weight....sheesh..thanks twins..LMAO

I am very proud of myself and I am very happy that my family is supporting this.  They even look out for my diet change sometimes! They also encourage me to cheat once in a bit.  I don't mind that since it tests my resolve for when I one day need to not be home and eat.  Do I succumb to what everyone else is eating, or do I stay strong for the bod, health, and energy I want to get back?

I can do it.

Only because I am finally saying to myself, "I WILL do it..."

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