Crypto... Why Wait?


If you have a fee bucks to buy a coffee... use it and grab some altcoin... why? You won't miss the coffee (unless that's like your blood) so you won't miss the moolah if you ciose a coin that's not lucrative.

My journey started small. Was meaning to bit thought I didn't have any money. 10 bucks... that's what I started with. A little here and there and I more than doubled what I started with in 4 weeks.

It's not real if it's not in your hand you say?

I could cash out and I will... already have ... even though it was 2 bucks lol. I was mainly in this for a tiny extra money 5 bucks here and there and keep my original investment amount there. Not looking to get rich, but then I decided that I might stay in the game. It's the same game people with much more Fiat than I play, but here...the way the tides are going...

I can actually play...