After second dentist trip...

After second dentist trip...
Slapped up here by That iPhone Chic's cellphone.

So I go back to the dentist today after the antibiotics totally mess
up my stomach to the point I haven't eaten anything today except for
two slices of bread. That would be because I spent most of my morning
throwing up since 2AM! Lovely! I wasn't in a rush to repeat the
stomach pains I had been feeling since Tuesday when I started taking it.

So I went back today as scheduled hoping I wouldn't yak on the dentist
when he started finished up the root canal he did on Tuesday, but that
was not to be so. Instead I was to have the top row of my gums poked,
prodded, dug into with some type of weird dig/sprayer, then injected
in several places with antibiotics directly into my gum was
wonderful...(said in my most dry and sarcastic voice). To top it off,
once it was done, she scraped my teeth/gums then poked, prodded, dug
into with that wierd dig/sprayer into my gums again...oh wait THATS
when she put the injections in.

The top row of my mouth is in pain! I can't talk and I have a jaw ache
where I got my half a root canal done!

So the doc sees me on the way out and asks if I'm coming on Saturday
to see him..WTF?! I'm in so much pain right now all I can think is oh
god!! More?! So soon...whhhyyyyy??!

So in I go on Saturday for the rest of the root canal...and then on
Monday to kill the bottom half of my mouth like she did today...

By the way, I think people think I am mute...cuz I can't talk to the
kids...I have to signal...


Take care of your teeth...

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