On a "Stage Beauty"

Here I am, supposing to be working on my presentation ans IFC plays a movie called Stage Beauty about a man who causes the decree of women to be able to play woman's part in plays because of his own discomfort with his sexuality (pretty much his mouth got him in trouble when the wrong person heard his disdain for the decree). He becomes exiled in his own profession until the very woman who took him down (in a way) became his savior by needing him. He shows her to not act as he did (a man playing a woman's part), but to play the woman as a woman..the way she so described a woman would play Desdemona...(The guy who played Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen is the main character Ned Kynaston)

For what ever reason, once it was on, I could not stop watching till the end...it was very interesting...Now I am at least 2 hours behind on my work schedule..CRAP!