New Knitter

Week 2

Well I just started my road to knitting last week... Wait no,  2 weeks ago. This would be my 3rd weekend knitting since I started!

So far I have made one scarf and started 2. The reason why I started knitting was because of my love of Dr. Who. I wanted to get my hands on the 4th Doctor's scarf from season 12 and I couldn't get anyone to do it! And the person I finally it did find seemed like they had a lot going on in their life...I didn't want that on my conscience lmao! So I found out there was a knitting class at my job!

But that's not where I learned to knit.

I was supposed to go to the classes,  but work is work and at work,  work comes first do I never got to go. After missing the first class,  I realized how that was going to go so I went to Michael's with my kids and got what I thought I would need to start my DW Scarf (further more known as DWS).

We went to a friend's house and turned on YouTube and started knitting!

The first thing I knitted was a swatch of mustard gold.

The second project was a scarf for my oldest youngest twin.

My 3rd project is a scarf for my youngest twin.

And my fourth project is... The DWS!

DWS should have waited,  but I just couldn't. You would think that after waiting years I could wait a little more,  but no... Lol.  So it won't be perfect,  but it will be mine!

Oh,  knitting the scarf for the youngest twin is taking sooo long due to the weight and such of the yarn so  I started a new one... Lol..

I guess that means I have 3 projects WIP'd and 1 complete!

Wish me luck!