What Life Throws

I am trying g to learn that balance is the key to everything... Meaning home, work and personal.

Work and Home are always fighting for a place. Personal kind of fits in where ever she can get in.

It's a constant struggle and when one doesn't get what it wants,  all hell breaks loose. For real.

You are in the dog house at home for trying  to make sure you keep your job.

You are in the dog house at work for trying to to maintain your family.

You are in the dog house personally because you put yourself there for not having tome to please everyone and then not making time for you.

If you make time for you,  you are selfish.
If you spend time at work,  you are neglecting your family.
If you spend time with family, you are not serious about your work.

So what can one do?

A calendar does help,  but sometimes there are things that come up that you don't have on your calendar or expect... When that happens,  we'll... It's never a good result. So you make the best of it.. the best way you can.

Thats my say.