Making My Way Through Life

Life has given me some things to think about. Actually, Life is always giving you something to think about. This time around though, Life got really deep on me. Life got really rough with me. Life got really confusing and I’m not really sure why it had to be this way. People are people. Sadly, people ARE people. People are awesome! They help and listen and share and create…! People are crap… They hold you back and ignore you…and hoard everything and destroy… I am a people. I am also a person. Sometimes I hate being one of the people when I see how much pain we cause other people. No matter how you try to separate yourself from the people who hurt, they find you. They don’t wear signs or have a special tag. They don’t come with a flyer or billboard. There is no website that says, Hey…look out for that one. They hurt and destroy love…life…you… Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Love is the move wonderful feeling in the world. Love makes you feel like nothing in the world can stop you! Love makes you so powerful. No matter what is going on in your life, when you have love…nothing can keep you down. Until it’s gone. Losing love feels like a death. As though someone came and murdered your world…your happiness…part of you. Losing love has no healing time limit. There is no date to set and say, I’m okay now. I will never say, Love sucks… because it doesn’t suck… It is the best feeling ever! But when it is taken away… That sucks.
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