Just Some Thinking

I felt like typing today..well not on the computer. I have taken to using my G1 for blogging now.  It gives me freedom than having to wait to type what I wanna say. The only drawback is a design flaw in the Bronze G1. The keyboard is silver and the backlit keys are clear until lit..then they are practically invisible! So I guess it is good that is sorta know where the keys are or I would be much slower than I am now. The black G1 definitely has a better keyboard for typing.

I tried emailing HTC to see if they wpuld have mercy on me and send me a replacement...I would give thme back this phone wait for them to say its in good shape and then they could send me a black one...no luck.

I was told that since they made the phone 4 Tmobile, I have to talk to them. Which I had done even before emailing them. I called the store I bought it from AND customer care...neither would help me out.  Since it is past 14 days since it bought the phone, they told me I have to buy a new one...I guess I could bring up that I am a good customer..I have been with them for years and even got my family in on a cellphone plan.  I upgraded my phone AND extended the contract...but hey..maybe tomorrow...

Until then my eyes will have to sub-conscioously strain to see the keys when I type...which too me is way slower than on the black one...pooooooo!

Oh that's a picture of the back of my phone reflected off the subway wall...I was feeling special...lol