Masterpeice Theatre - Collision

Those of you who know I am a fan of David Tennant (mostly through Christopher Eccleston's transformation into David Tennant as the 10th Doctor) will understand why I am posting this...LOL

For the most part, it seems as though Mr. Tennant seems to attach himself to really good projects. This means I am not forced to sit and watch something and the only thing tethering me to it is the fact that he's in it! LOL

So this is what I will be watching on Sunday:
Masterpiece Contemporary
Sunday, November 22, 9:00pm
13 (Thirteen/WNET New York)
The conclusion of the riveting "Collision" takes some surprising turns, including one involving the reason furniture-van driver Danny Rampton fled from the scene of the accident. Tolin and Stallwood, meanwhile, follow up on the corporate-espionage case.

This is a link to the first part of this drama: