HBO and NBC Turned Down ‘The Walking Dead’


From Geeks Are Wired
" The comic made into television series, ‘The Walking Dead’, went to a few TV channels before they ended up at AMC. It makes sense for NBC, because this show can cost a pretty penny with makeup and elaborate stage sets. But that’s not the reason either of them turned down the show. They both turned it down it down because they thought the show would be too violent for their channel.
Once again I get NBC, it would have to be on late, with the blood, violence, and gore. HBO though, really, too violent? Doesn’t HBO have a show that’s called ‘Game of Thrones’ where someone eats someone’s heart, have boiling metal pored on someone’s head, or there was that one part where they hung burned corpses of children. But apparently that’s not violent.
Both channels wanted Robert Kirkman to tone down the violence, but he decided to keep looking for a channel that would let him do it his way.
Kirkman is happy with his choice and said,
“They totally get this show. Right from the beginning, they’ve been completely trusting and supportive of what we’ve been trying to do with this series .
We spent a million and a half on that prison set. And all the months that that took to build, AMC never once checked up on us. They never flew an executive or an accountant out to Georgia to make sure that we were spending that money the way that we said we would. Now that’s trust.”