Beat The Struggle

Sometimes when you start your new routine,  you hit a snag.  It happens.  You fee like you are on a roll and then you rest for a couple days. This is the part that is tough. You have to rest so you give your muscles and body time to heal,  but in doing so,  your brain says,  "eh,  okay. We are done with this fad you picked up."

A trick is to trick yourself. Get up in the morning to do something else. Like use the bathroom. If your bladder can handle it,  drink a little water before bed so this way you HAVE to get up.

You can plan to do something frivolous and then switch to exercise instead.

Maybe give yourself a reward if you get on up and do it...

You can also try the 2 things at once. Do the laundry and exercise. Cook dinner and exercise etc...

Or you can just commission a cheer squad to tell you Hey,  get on up... Get up ah... Get on up...! Your kids,  yours partner.. A friend.  Anyone who is willing to lend a helping hand in your goal!

So let's get up and get going!
See you on the Road to A Better Body!