Momma Micro Managing

The kids are teens and pre teens and it is a rocky road.  From the boy talking a mile a second to not a word and the girl…that’s a whole other world.
I am sure I am not the first to say, “I wasn't like this as a kid…!” But then I take a good look and I guess I kind of was.  I wasn't EXACTLY the kind of kids my kids are now.  Times were different.  Things that are cool now weren't cool then and vice versa.  I get it.  I think.  My main issue is knowing when to say something and when not to.

With the invention of SMS and IM, it is so easy for them to chat with their friend on a whole new level.  This also brings the conversation of what is appropriate and what isn’t.  I mean generally you want to say, if you wouldn't say it, then don’t type it.  Yes, that is a good rule to have, BUT what about that age when you discover you know what certain words mean and how to use them.  Here is this teenager who has the words and the immaturity to say these words with their friends.  I did it. We all did it. But now I as a Mom, I can read these SMS and IM. As part of my Mom duties, I read them periodically, SAFETY IS FIRST. I honestly don’t want to know some of the stuff they talk about…Why? Well I again, I know what some of my friends and I spoke about, and although I wasn't doing drugs or anything, well…you know…playing around and goofing off with your friends is just a whole other way of speaking and such.

So what if I come across a sexual text or one with swear words.  Do I say something? Or do I chalk it up to the same thing as things they would be saying in their friend group and I wouldn't even know it…so tuck it under my hat and just be aware Category?

I was a teen.

I am now a Mom

And they think being a Teenager sucks…just wait.