Vacation Day 3:

The day was pretty nice for an early get outside trip.

Today say us going to a Community Garden.  A different one though.  The little ones were expecting an event like at the one we went to yesterday! We looked at some of the veggies and then had a seat for a bit.

Next stop,  the park. We did some swinging and playground play on the... whatever those climbing,  sliding, bar,  bridge things are... got a little wet in the baby sprinkler and then...

off to Grandma's Place. We had actually stopped there first,  but they weren't open yet.

Once we got there,  I went to grab a book I had been looking up since yesterday, The Cloudables.

It was there,  but the kids liked the place so much that I grabbed them a couple toys.  One each.

Then home for lunch and nap.

The rest of the day was the same so to speak
The twins played and made a ruckus.  The older kids annoyed me.. and then we had dinner.. then bed.. lmao

What a fun day!