That Life Though

My job gives me many opportunities,  but also takes some away.

That Life Though

I have been making time to us the Goals feature of my Google Calendar. It's pretty nifty and allows me to set goals Like Workout or Read A Book. The goals aren't placed on the calendar like reminders are  they are instead set up for around what time of day, hoe many times a week/month/and maybe even year,  and duration.

If I am not able to achieve my goal that day,  it gives me the option to defer it.

Did I also mention that if you literally plan your life on your calendar,  it will pick the best time according to what time you have free... Yup!

Oh... It will also start to learn what times you prefer to complete the more frequent goals as time passes (at least that's what Google says lol)

All in all,  scheduling my life has actually become a reality... Whoa... And whoa...