Hot As A MothaLuvah!!!

Hot Like FIre!!!
Hot fun in the summer time my ass..!!

It was friggin hot today...I think I could have cooked dinner on the sidewalk if I could stand the heat! For some reason people feel like the less they have on the better. Don't they know they are evaporating incredibly fast....and you know they are too cool to drink some god damn water! Now you don't have to pile on the clothes either. I don't know how those devout muslim women do it...maybe they have some type of colling system they don't want to share with the rest of us, but on a day like today...I think I would have had the wrath of my community on me, cuz it was HOT!!!!!

Right now I have my AC on (not enough BTU's for the room so I had to get a fan too) blowing the little bit of air it can pump out. Been home for like 25 min and it went from 92 to 90...ooooo big whoop!!! Now mind you it is like 9:10 PM over where I am...I don't see it getting too much cooler since there is a severe weather alert out and blakcouts predicted....(how the hell you can predict a blackout days before hand, I'll never know).

So hey it ain't all bad news though...umm...hmmm...well I got something....just a minute...oh yeah..I woke up this morning..!!! YAY!! Not that I am in bad health or anything, but messed up stuff happens to people everyday LOL!!

Well back to the old cooling off and down and under I need a new AC...
Just got the dammn thing too...100 and something dollars...crap...and it leaked before I got it in the window..the funny thing is that it gets my apt nice and 72 the lowest...but that would be in the middle of the night/ so I guess the good news is that I wake up in the morning to a cool apt...just in time to have to turn it off cuz I'm getting out the door for work...oh me oh my small fry.....