What a Day..What a Day..

Today was like any other day...hot and wow...

I went through some drama in the morning and hopefully all will turn out ok by the end of this week..(that would be tomorrow). I guess one good thing did come out of this ordeal so far...I haven't seen any bad as of yet....Oh what was it?...well geez you're nosey as all great hell..It's a blog not a friggin diary!!

Anyways...hot again but cooling down...I might as well make this the weather blog for the darn week!

If you have a problem with someone, don't you think it is best to tell the person....or do you think you should give them the weird vibes until you hope they get it?

I am sure you are seeing where I am going with this...yeah I am dealing with some of that in my life right now..if you have a problem..please tell me so I am not walkin around thinking all is well...and mad confused as to what the hell is going on in your mind...!!! I am not a damn mind reader and since I am not your flippin husband or wife, I am not "in tune" with you and i have other things going on in my life than to wonder if you like me or not every damn second....whew!

"Dear Diary..."

"Today so and so told me that they were not there and I think they were...I don't know why so and so is acting this way, but if there is a problem..why doesn't so and so just come out and say it....!"

"P.S. I think Bruce Willis is DREAMY!!"

ok ok...in actuallity this is a business situation and the other person is behaving like it's grade school...lol