I can't stand I-Pod!!
No I am not speaking as a person who doesn't own one and is a hater, but I am speaking as a person who had one and hated it...

My I-Pod Video

I had a black I-Pod Video
It was sleek and black and shiny
I had a black I-Pod Video
Covered it so it wouldn't get grimey

I had pictures to view and music too
I had I-Tunes to get my playlists
But for movies I had to buy a program
cuz the damn thing doesn't come with that disk

Touch it, bring it, play it, watch it,
Turn it, leave it, start- format it
Drove me nuts to realize
Anything I wanted it to do, I had to buy

My tiny screen to watch my movies
with big huge surround sound
Then "bip" out it goes right in the middle
cuz an outlet can't be found
(I just charged the damn thing ..wow)

So my blessing came in the form of a curse
when I came home that day
I found my I-Pod in a bucket of water
fell in from my coat cuz it rained yesterday

I was pissed, I was mad
Man! I spent all that money
I wanted to cry...I wanted to buy
another I-Pod..now isn't that funny..!

So I searched and I searched
just to find something better
I went here and there
typing in every letter

Then I found it
my baby...my favorite electronic
This beautiful item does everything I could dream
I found it
my PMP...my lovely player
It like nothing you have ever ever seen..!

It playes movies..records movies..put mivies on your TV
It plays music..recoreds music..put music on your TV
It shows pics...takes them from you camera..and puts them on your TV
It plays voice...records voice..and yes...puts it on your TV

I cn make it like a hard drive
and store my many files
I can set the equalizer
and make my music wild!!

The best thing of all
is that my screen isn't small
and I don't have to buy
wires to make this baby fly!!

I opened up the box
and it came with EVERYTHING
for converting and playing
and even recording...

So since I broke my I-Pod
I never have been blue
not since I purchased my COWON A2