Out of Touch Part 3


“Glory…Why don’t you say anything to me…”

“Glory…Come and call my name again…”

“Glory…Touch me. Look into my eyes. Say you love me…”

“I see you everyday with your head down and hands crossed and I know why.”

“I did this.”

“Glory…Live up to your name. You are glorious.”

He thinks these things everyday. He wants her in his life. He has everything she could possibly want. Except trust. Trust. The foundation of a relationship. He could give anything for her to trust him again. He meant it when he said he loved her. He still does…. He still does. He has never forgiven himself for what he allowed to happen. He was wrong. He was…he was…it doesn’t matter what he was. What matters is what he is. He never meant to hurt her. One doesn’t know they have until it’s gone. He knew what he had, but a moment or two of lust…

He had always been weak when it came to sex…no, when it came to women. He loved women, still does, but no woman will ever be Glory. He lost her trust and therefore lost her. Now after nine years here she is. She won’t talk to him or even look at him.

He touched her once. He was standing right in front of her. He leaned back just a little, but the train doors opened and he had to go, not before he felt her finger-tips as she reached for the pole to hold on to. “Maybe she doesn’t recognize me…”

Love is funny…

Love can change you for better or for worse…

For him…He became a better man. One who is hard working and responsible.

For her. Self-conscious and afraid to take chances.

Is love terrible, something to be avoided at all costs?

Or is it a beautiful flower that needs careful tender handling to survive?

He goes home. He takes off his clothes and jumps in the shower. He fixes his dinner and lies in the bed. He takes his pillow and holds it tight. He closes his eyes, shut tight. His pillow begins to get damp. He is crying. His room is dark. His bed is a king, but the other side is empty.

He didn’t stay with that other woman. Love made him stay away.

Glorious Love.

Love makes him cry at night.

Universal Love.

And though his soul is warm, his room is cold. His bed is empty.

And Glory is not there….