Out of Touch Part 1

This series was originally posted on Yahoo...and written about 4 or 5 years ago by myself)

She lay curled up in a ball hugging her pillow. The room is a dark one...a small one...her bed, a twin. She lies alone as always. Her hopes and dreams cling to her soul like she clings to her pillow. Her eyes are closed, shut tight, but her pillow is still damp. She had been crying.

There are four rooms in her apartment. One kitchen, one bathroom, one bedroom, and a dinning area. Not much. She doesn't need much. No phone. No one really calls so she only has a cell phone. It's 6:00am. One more hour until she has to get out of bed. She's been up all night, like most nights, watching the sun come up in the morning. Though her soul is cold, her room is warm. She's lying in a pair of black boxers and an A T-shirt. She'll have to pick out her fro later since she's been lying down. She opens her eyes. 6:35am. Not long now.

Our lovely Queen sits on the crowded train. She stares straight. Five gold buttons, silk shirt (fake silk), no undershirt. All red. She watches the man's stomach in front of her face. She wonders why someone would have a red shirt with gold buttons. The train doors open and half of the people in the car get out.

"There he is", she wonders to herself. The best part of her day are coming to work and going home. HE always gets on this train. HE always gets into this car. When she figured this out about a month ago, she made it a point to get into that car. She doesn't know anything about him anymore except that he always looks neat (even after working all day), he likes the color blue (all of his clothes are that color just about), he's a bit nearsighted but he never wears glasses (she caught him squinting at a subway map a couple of times), he always eats waffles in the morning and chicken in the evening (he ate his meals on the train), and a few more little odds and ends she remembered. Yeah, she watches him closely. She enjoys this silent ride for the next seven stops going to work and seven going home. He gets on three stops after she does in the morning and gets off two stops before her in the evening.

She touched him once. She was so close she could smell his light yet masculine scent again. She wanted to ask what he was wearing, but he stepped off the train just when she touched his shoulder.

"There is is", she wonders to herself.....