Out of Touch Part 2

Our lovely woman was hurt. Long ago she was hurt and has never recovered. She had a life full of love, full of gifts, full of happiness and kindness, but she was hurt. The worst pains are the pains of the heart... They take so long to heal. She doesn't like to think of it and she pushes it way down into her broken heart. She feels as though she is not worth loving. Maybe that's why she can't approach HIM. She knows HIM. She should.

Nine years ago HE broke her heart. Nine years ago he laid down with another woman. Nine years ago that woman had his child, but our Queen held him for all nine of those years. Held on to the memory of his loving. He begged her to stay. He promised the moon, the sun, the stars, the universe. She was too hurt. Looking at him made her hurt more. She couldn't fool herself. She couldn't lie to herself and him. She tried at first. One second she would lie next to him and love him. The next she couldn't stand to look at him...She was wounded too deep. So she left. He woke up and she was gone. Nine years ago. She had changed since then. Not just her broad afro and slimmer appearance, but she never looked up. She always had the look of someone afraid of the world. Not wanting to be noticed. Not wanting to be hurt, but that was nine years ago.

The worst pains are the pains of the heart…